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Paula never misses church – I was wondering why she hadn’t come- when I had the Word of Knowledge at church last night about Kidneys and found out Paula was home sick with a kidney condition – I felt a tremendous burden from the Lord to go immediately and pray for her- the rest is in Paula’s own words.- Wonderful Jesus.


My Miracle – Today 28/2/11 Over the past few months I have noticed that I seemed to be retaining a lot of fluid on my body.  In particular my left foot would swell up to twice its size.  At first I thought it was because the weather was so humid but eventually a friend made me think when they said they thought I had put on 10kg over night! I went to the doctor to find out what was going on.  After some tests the doctor told me that my kidneys weren’t working as well as they should and I needed some tablets to get rid of the excess fluid.  This worked for about a week but then I noticed I had broken out in a very painful and itchy rash all over my body.  I went back to the doctor who told me that I was allergic to the tablets and to stop taking them, but refused to give me anything else until the rash was gone.  So now I had a rash and my body was becoming the size of an elephant! After 2 weeks I had gone from a size fourteen to barely fitting a size eighteen, the rash had become unbearable, the medication for allergies had little effect and I had not slept for days from scratching myself all night long.  I didn’t go to church at all but stayed in bed and pleaded with God to heal me.  That night at church Pastor Paul had a word from God about kidneys and my friend told him of my condition.  Pastor Paul and Pastor Alwyn came over to my house and prayed for me, the Lord gave Pastor Alwyn a word for me “Never again will the word of God be overpowered by sickness in your life”.  I didn’t feel anything but I knew that God would not have sent them to pray if He wasn’t going to heal me, so I spoke the word over my body and told it that  “By Jesus stripes I am healed” and went to bed. Last night for the first time I didn’t scratch myself and had a beautiful night’s sleep.  I got up this morning and I have lost heaps of weight.  The rash has almost completely faded and does not itch at all.  I came to work, did a twirl to show the girls in my office.  They asked what I had done to lose so much weight over the weekend and I shared what had happened.  Then my boss came in and I was able to tell her that she was witnessing a miracle.  Then in the tea room one of our guys was looking sad and I found out that his wife has cancer. She had an operation but they told her that she would probably still have some come back.  I shared my miracle with him and asked if our church could pray for her.  He has agreed.  Her name is Val and we need to pray for her, also for John her husband for peace. We have an amazing God, a miracle working God and he heals Today!

 Paula K 

Ps. From Pastor Paul Can we believe together for God to heal Cancer too?