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Traralgon 10.30am & Moe  2.30pm
7th & 14th of October

The real world is not that you will find the perfect environment to serve in, whether it be church or business ,
but that through your service to God in that environment, you will be perfected as you draw closer to Christ Jesus.
And in the process you will leave some kind of legacy of God’s grace!
Pastor Paul

 Our core Values:
We believe that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today
We strive for Christ’s vision of righteousness and holiness
We fight for normal
We stay connected
We are committed to being an influence for good in our community and beyond.
Vision statement:
To be an Influential church From Traralgon to Casey region,
positively engaging with society through inspiration and innovation.
A multi campus Regional Church having locations so far in Traralgon, Moe & Warragul
under the Leadership of Pastors Paul & Leisa Gratton.

Main Corflute Sign - 1800x1000mm.indd